Success Stories

“Their approach to fitness has helped me recover from a chronic injury, become a faster runner and gain significant strength; all while developing a more mindful approach to fitness.”
— Katie D.
Not only did I receive superior instruction but StrengthOps showed me a whole new world of training and physical fitness.  The staff helped me develop a new vision to keep my body strong and healthy.  I'm no longer in pain, I move better, I feel great and all of my colleagues cant believe how far I've come.  

— Becky C.


Switching to StrengthOps was the single best thing I've done for my fitness routine.  The training is more than just your typical move faster and lift heavier things like other facilities.  At StrengthOps you are retrained on how to move correctly, and given an individualized workout to help you accomplish your goal.  I can't recommend training her enough!

— Wayne R. 

Matt and his staff at StrengthOps are all around great people. They are also excellent trainers with the knowledge and skills  which make them excellent to work with.  As a colleague, I admire their dedication to help their clients succeed.

— Jamie D. 


Training at StrengthOps is one of my best decisions since moving to Baltimore. Matt and his staff have an intentional approach to movement and strength. Working with them, I'm more aware of my body, am able to lift heavier weights, and feel better overall. Matt doesn't settle or get complacent and continues to incorporate best practices into our training which keeps them both interesting and challenging. I highly recommend StrengthOps. 

— Sarah M. 

Matt is an excellent trainer and a pleasure to work with.  As a physical therapist, I’m lucky to have such a great colleague near by. He and his staff are knowledgable, compassionate, and dedicated.  If only I could get more patients to train with him!

— Mike Z. 


Matt is an excellent trainer, personalizing sessions for each individual. He takes the time to explain the reasons behind the movements and the training. He learns about his "students" and is able to read them. He takes the time to ensure training is done properly to prevent injuries. Training with Matt and Strength Ops for the past year has and an amazing impact on me in so many ways. I highly, highly recommend his training program.

- Mary L. 

I’m doing things now that I never thought was possible.
— George H.
I attended a Kettlebell Workshop with twenty of my fellow personal trainers to learn how to perform and instruct basic kettlebell skills.  It was an incredible opportunity to learn.  Matt’s expertise in instructing these important basic skills was excellent! Today, I am confident in effectivley teaching my clients how to perform the swing & the get up! We will continue to practice and perfect these powerful functional movements! Thank you, Matt!

— Karyl R. 


From my first initial strategy session and assessment with Matt, I knew right away I was in good hands. He addressed what I call my "janky" hip, breathing and movement patterns to help me get the most out of training. He created a program specifically to help me with my goals.  Matt made every second of every session count. Most importantly he made sure that I understood why I was doing a specific movement and how it translated not only into my training but into my everyday life.  Thanks Matt!

— Jen B.

 Strength Ops is an incredible coaching program that provides the knowledge needed to know when your body is moving efficiently and when you need to reset and regroup. Its so far beyond any kind of training offered in any gym I've ever been to and I feel empowered by the things I have learned. I know I'm not only stronger but moving better and more efficiently which transcends into all other aspects of my life.

— Carin G.  

As a dancer, I've worked with many coaches for 50+ years.  Matt really offers something special. He doesn't espouse the usual gym jargon and technique, but rather develops an individualized plan for each client to develop his/her strengths. I have not found anyone else in or outside of Baltimore using his technique of optimum performance training. I continue to get stronger and feel better, overall!! 

- Gloria F.