Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

Our role, as coaches, is to guide and help you achieve your health, movement, and fitness goals. 

Along your journey, we also help shape your mindset; one that eliminates negative self-talk and insecurities that may be slowing down your progress.  

One book I recently read on the topic is the book Mindset by Carolyn Dweck.

In this book, Carolyn states that we can cultivate two types of mindset; The growth mindset or the fixed mindset. (Click for video)

In the fixed mindset, you believe that your basic qualities such as talent, skills, and intelligence are fixed traits and cannot be developed.

This leads to avoiding new challenges, becoming intimidated by your surroundings or feeling as if your peers are judging you.  

In the growth mindset, you believe that your abilities can be developed through quality practice, effort, and hard work.

This leads to embracing the challenge of learning, confidence amongst your peers and having fun along the way. 

Additionally, making mistakes and seeing others work hard inspires you to do better and persist through obstacles.  

Exhibiting the growth mindset will help you accomplish great things; something many people have experienced at StrengthOps.

As you continue to work toward your goals turn around and ask yourself - Am I putting in the work to achieve my goals? Am I constantly pushing to learn and grow to be more successful? 

"Virtually all people can accomplish great things by having a growth mindset." - Alwynn Cosgrove

So can you!