4 Tips To Help You Thrive During The Holidays

We all know how difficult it can be to eat clean during the holiday season. 

Mom’s apple pie, grandma’s famous cookies and epic meals make it feel almost impossible to stay healthy and on track to achieve your goals. 

Yet, over the years, our coaching clients have consistently thrived during the holidays.  Many of them being able to eat the way they want while exercising regularly to “stay on track.”

Today, I’m excited to share with you 4 proven strategies to help you thrive during the holiday season.


It takes roughly 15 - 20 min for your digestive system to tell your brain you are satisfied.  Additionally, eating slowly allows for better digestion and greater satisfaction with your meals.

This season, slow down and take 20 minutes to finish your meal. Stop when you are satisfied and enjoy your meal without feeling the need to “work it off later.” 


The holiday season is one of the hardest times to stay focussed on your fitness. It may have you dragging your feet to the gym or just feeling exhausted from all the added stress and junk food at holiday parties.  

However, you’ve worked hard for the last few months so why “fall off the wagon” now? 

Over the next few weeks, focus on moving in ways that feel good. If you cant make it to the gym everyday, it’s okay, aim for 2 - 3 solid workouts each week.

Stay active and enjoy the energy that comes with exercising.  


When it comes to social settings and events decide whether you’ll stick to your healthy habits or take a temporary break.  Either way is good as long as it is a conscious choice.  

For example, If you are headed to a holiday party, ask what types of foods will be there.  If you are going to lunch with a friend; take a few moments to look at the menu online.

In only takes a few moments to be prepared and in doing so, it allows you to make healthy choices without being tempted by other offerings that may not support your goals.


Being mindful of your food choices may be the most important strategy to help you in the upcoming weeks.  

Will you eat breads, pasta, pastries and drink alcohol… probably. 

Would it serve you better to eat vegetables, fruits and whole grains at each meal… absolutely.  

This holiday season aim for making better choices and enjoy every moment with friends, family and loved ones.  

Wishing you the very best for the remainder of 2018!